First we listen and spend time finding your authentic voice. Then we write, helping you to smash your engagement goals and stand out across digital spaces.

Good copywriting is lovely. Great copywriting is powerful.

Words can:

  • Get you noticed
  • Attract your perfect customers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Build authentic relationships with your audience
  • Develop your profile as an expert in your field

You just need the right ones, in the right order – that’s where we come in. 

With over a decade of experience writing creative copy for the web, Katie is all about finding your voice and telling your story. It’s no good dressing a shop window that no one walks past though, so she’s also a dab hand at researching keywords and sprinkling them through your copy to help the right people find you in online searches.

While Laura’s new to the world of digital, she’s spent many years working in customer service. She knows what makes people tick, how to keep them engaged, and what they’ll be looking for when they hit your website.

Don’t just take our word for it, mind.

"Katie does what mustard copywriters should do - listens, then writes. Lucky for us she doesn't use the typewriter on her homepage so delivers with great efficiency and gusto."

Professional copywriting services

Authenticity sells, so we’re keeping it real.

We write content wherever your brand speaks online including websites, landing pages, social media, e-commerce product descriptions and video scripts.
Developing search engine friendly blog strategies is our jam. Our articles will keep your audience returning to your website for more.
Katie's here for you over a virtual cuppa whether you need a bit of friendly planning assistance or helpful feedback on your copy.
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Commonly asked questions about website copywriting services...

What do freelance copywriters do?

Copywriters are communication pros. Simply put, we write words that make people want to engage with what they’re reading. Most commonly this translates to selling products or services and helping brands develop a tone of voice their customers respond to.

How do I find a copywriter?

Find a few you like the look of and get in touch to chat about what you’re looking for. Even if you aren’t quite sure what you need, that’s ok. Good copywriters will talk to you about what you’re looking to achieve, and help point you in the right direction of how to get there.

Every single writer has their own unique style. Some will resonate with you, and others will make you want to gouge your own eyes out with a teaspoon. That’s okay, it takes all sorts to make the world go round!

Top tip: Instagram is a surprisingly good place to find and get to know copywriters. In fact, we’re friends with quite a few ourselves! 

What is direct response copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is used by marketers to communicate directly with customers, and encourage them to take action. Landing pages are great examples of this, making it clear what action people should take, and then compelling them to carry it out before leaving the page.

This could be inputting their email address to download a free guide, signing up for a Webinar, or booking a discovery call with you.

Why do I need a copywriter?

You don’t. If you’re on a tight budget you can absolutely do it yourself. You’re unlikely to achieve the best results though, and it takes longer than you think.

If your aim is to maximise website traffic and start building relationships with people who will hopefully become your customers, then hiring a professional writer is a must. We know how to sell, what to leave out, and how to leave a lasting impression.

How much does a copywriter cost?

This is where it gets tricky. It varies wildly from person to person. Everyone has their own way of pricing.

We don’t list our prices, because there are so many different factors that can make a job cost more or less, but if you’re looking for a rough estimate we charge around £300 a day for general project work.

If you’re a small business reading that and needing the smelling salts, there are ways we can help. Whether that’s through carrying out micro-projects, or a regular strategy call to support you in writing your own content. 

We love working directly with small businesses, so it’s always worth getting in touch.